Welcome to the site of Simon Rodwell, a Brisbane (Meanjin) based technologist with over 20 years experience.

What I have done...

I have worked as a software engineer and technical leader for companies ranging from startups (Airtasker Employee #8) through to big-tech (Amazon, Retail and AWS). I have led global teams of +70 engineers, and been responsible for systems that transact trillions of dollars annually. I have interviewed over 1000 candidates for all manner of technical and non-technical roles. I have first-hand guided teams through scaling challenges as they move from a startup team of 5 to a scale up team of 50 and beyond.

And now, I am here to help you achieve your technical goals.

Fractional CTO

I am offering my services as a "Fractional CTO". I provide my decades of experience to help you set the right technical foundations for your endeavour without the need for you to hire a full time CTO. I can work hands-on cutting code and setting up infrastructure. I can help you hire and grow a team of engineers. I can help you navigate the tricky waters of technical decisions and help you avoid the pitfalls that can come with rapid growth. I can do all of the things you would expect from a CTO, but on a part-time basis that suits your needs and budget.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer I can lead the design and implementation of your solution. I have particular strengths in the following areas:

Recent Projects

Prescient Properties: 2023-2024

I was engaged by Prescient Properties to help build a metrics dashboard that brings behavioural insights to their customers.

Get in Touch

The best way to get in touch is by connecting on LinkedIn. I am always happy to have a chat about any ideas you have. Simon Rodwell